Household Homeopathy - A Primer in Homeopathic Remedies for Acute Conditions with Arup Bhattacharya, HD, PhD

Tuesdays, April 11-May 30, 5:30-8:30pm
Homeopathic medicine is an invaluable tool in home health care. Explore the basic principles of homeopathy, learn how homeopathic remedies are selected for acute conditions, and survey core remedies used to address common illnesses in children and adults. Learn how to use homeopathy safely and effectively to keep yourself and your family healthy through life’s journey. *Skype option available for those who can’t attend in person. (4 wks, 24 hours of class time) Fee: $224 (ID#: S33) — CANCELED

Yoga for Core Strength with Sarah

Tuesdays, May 2-June 20, 5:30-6:45pm
Yogic texts emphasize the importance of awareness, strength, and circulation in the abdominal area to deepen the effects of your asana and meditation practice: increased physical stability, mental concentration, and deep relaxation. This weekly asana practice is designed to help develop progressive core strength. It includes core muscle-isolation exercises interwoven within a classical asana sequence. Class will close with relaxation and meditation. Prerequisite: 6 months prior experience with Yoga 1 or greater. Fee: $96 (ID#: YC) —

Yoga for Willpower with Cathy

Tuesdays, May 2-June 13, 7-8:30pm
Willpower is the ability to know what one wants and the determination to move toward it, despite life’s challenges. Join Cathy to explore the cultivation of inner resolve through asanas that relieve abdominal congestion and stoke the fire of determination. Each class will emphasize breath awareness, core strength, mental concentration, and relaxation. Inspirational passages and discussion will also be included. Fee: $84 (ID#: YW) — CANCELED

Gentle Yoga with Sapna

Thursdays, May 4-June 15, 5:30-6:30pm
Yoga offers gentle exercises that can dramatically help those with joint pain or stiffness. In this class, explore the classic joints-and-glands series of movements, along with additional exercises, breath work, and relaxation. You can increase vital circulation, bring necessary nutrients to your body, and flush joints of congestion and metabolic wastes. No class May 25th. Fee: $72 (ID#: YG) —


Pranayama Intensive: The Keys to Unlocking a Stress-Free Mind with Sarah Guglielmi and Julia Kress

Saturday, June 3, 9:30am-3:30pm
Spend the day at HIB for a day focused on community and practice. Reconnect to the healing power of breath, as we review the pranic and physiological effects of pranayama (yogic breathing) and systematic relaxation. Learn a step-by-step approach to stress management and pranayama that you can do at home. Practices covered include 2:1 Breathing, Nadi Shodhanam, Kapalabhati, and Anuloma.
The morning will begin with a discussion of prana (vital life-force energy), and the role it plays in the therapeutic and spiritual effects of yoga. Sarah will guide you through a "pranic assessment" exercise, and review a pranayama progression so you can begin to cleanse pranic energy channels and regulate pranic flow. The morning will close with an asana and pranayama practice.
After lunch, Julia will cover the physiology of breathing, pranayama, and the stress response. Learn how pranayama practices and systematic relaxation create transformation on both physiological and mental levels. Afternoon practice will revolve around how to overcome obstacles with your seated pranayama posture by strengthening the spine and opening the hips. A deep relaxation will lend to greater subtle body awareness and expand your pranic field.

AM SESSION: 9:30 am - noon
Pranayama: A Step by Step Approach with Sarah Guglielmi

LUNCH: noon - 1 pm Lunch is included with full-day registration.

PM SESSION: 1-3:30 pm
The Physiology of Pranayama and Systematic Relaxation with Julia Kress

FULL DAY - includes lunch: Bean Salad, Rice Dish, Apple Lime Mint Tea, and Berry Crisp.
Can’t stay the day? You’re welcome to attend a single session. See below to register. Fee: $85 (ID#: JR) —

Pranayama Intensive: Morning Session with Sarah

Saturday, June 3, 9:30am-noon
Fee: $45 (ID#: JAM) —

Pranayama Intensive: Afternoon Session with Julia

Saturday, June 3, 1-3:30pm
Fee: $45 (ID#: JPM) —