Spiritual Study and Practice Group for Women with Donna

Thursdays, December 7-14, 7-8:30pm
Join us on our year-long study of "Awakening Shakti, The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga" by Sally Kempton (available in the bookstore). Awakening Shakti provides a practical guide for activating the currents of the divine feminine in every aspect of your life. We will discuss Chapter 12 & 13. Fee: $5 (ID#: S89) —

Turning Darkness to Light with Shelly Craigo

Thursday, December 7, 7-8:30pm
SATSANG: Personal Practice for Enlightened Activism
Humanity has endured cycles of prosperity and impoverishment, peace and darkness, ingenuity and stagnation, and spirituality and science, for centuries. Where we are today in this process of growth and decline may be seen as we observe—both externally and internally—the qualities of fear, anger, sorrow, and greed, and their proportionate interplay with those of love, compassion, and joy. If you’ve been asking yourself:
• How can I maintain equanimity amidst chaos?
• How can I prevent internal polarization in response to external stressors?
• How can I restore balance inside and around me?
• How can I align with the positive, productive, and powerful flow of the Divine Feminine?
• How can I accelerate my yoga practice for greater growth?
• How can I be instrumental in bringing and sustaining a positive change within myself, and in the world?
you will benefit personally and collectively from this conversation and the take-away—a practice that resolves these questions, brings a new dimension to your sadhana (practice), and engages you as a force of change.
Shelly brings a message and a practice for change from Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD. Fee: $0 (ID#: S90) —