Anatomy of Awareness & The Practice of Yoga with Julia

Mondays, February 1-15, 6:45-8:15pm
This class will be available on Zoom. Meeting code will be emailed 24 hours before class time.
Mindfulness is awareness. The more we practice Yoga and Meditation, the more aware we become of our physical bodies, thought patterns, and our energy levels. But, how? What’s the science behind it? Our session will explore the world of neuro-physiology through modern science and ancient wisdom to help understand how we experience feelings and awareness. Personal history can interrupt our natural balance and lead to a lack of internal connection physically, mentally and energetically. We will compare yoga’s model of the mind with what science now knows about neuro-anatomy leading to a deeper and more profound experience of wholeness and equanimity. The lecture aspect will give you the knowledge to apply to the techniques of Yoga creating a rich, meaningful, and purpose driven pathway to the inner exploratory experiences of guided relaxation and meditation Fee: $60 (ID#: S07) —