Overcoming Fear and Doubt: The Message of the Bhagavad Gita - Discussion and Practice Series (Part 1) with Julia

Thursdays, January 10-31, 7-8:30pm
Fear and doubt are common feelings. Using them as guides to spiritual fulfillment is not so common. The Bhagavad Gita lends timeless reassurances that deep down we do truly know what is right for us. How to move in that direction and find lasting fulfillment is the biggest question. The Gita lays out a plan for all yoga practitioners through varying methods depending on ones’ first inclination. In this four week series we will explore this sacred text to enhance our understanding and practical application of the various paths that yoga can take us. There is no required text. Please bring any copy of the Gita that you find useful. Fee: $60 (ID#: S05) —

Ease and Wisdom - Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom (Part 1) with Rosa

Wednesdays, January 16-30, 4:15-6pm
Educators sometimes lack the comfort and confidence in sharing their own mindfulness practices with their students. The purpose of this series of classes is to provide opportunities for teachers and other school personnel to develop comfort bringing mindfulness practices into their daily work with students. While, the benefits of Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) have been highly publicized, many teachers are still unsure how to best infuse these practices into their work with students. This three part series will explore the connection between mindfulness and SEL and how the components and competencies of each are implemented in the classroom. This course requires that participants either have or want to cultivate their own awareness-based practices, because mindfulness is an experiential discipline; therefore, participants will be exploring a variety of mindfulness practices for personal and professional use. Fee: $45 (ID#: S08) —


The Power Behind Mantra & Meditation: The Message of the Bhagavad Gita – Discussion and Practice Series (Part 2) with Julia

Thursdays, February 7-21, 7-8:30pm
The Bhagavad Gita gives insightful detail about the meaning and purpose of meditation. The verses guide us gradually toward the ultimate experience - Oneness with Self. Chapter six explains that through continuous effort, a practitioner will be rewarded first by glimpses of the immortal light and then through the grace of the inner teacher. Mantras, sacred sounds used in meditation, are either said outwardly or heard inwardly and support and guide us on the path. We will discuss the science of meditation – as method and as sound and how it alters our brain’s neuro-energetics and plays a role in altering perception and purpose. Each class will include guided relaxation and meditation. There is no required text. Please bring along any translation of the Gita that you find useful. Fee: $45 (ID#: S12) —