A Brief History of Yoga with Tracy Draksic, M.A.

Thursdays, April 8-29, 7-8:15pm
This class will be available on Zoom. Meeting code will be emailed 24 hours before class time. . A class recording will be available for 7-days (until the start of the next class next class) in case you want to watch (or re-watch) at a later time.
The Indus Valley Civilization, the Vedas, Tantra, Hatha, Vinyasa – the history of yoga is a rich and mysterious web of practice and philosophy. Have you ever wondered about the sources of what you do when you come to your mat or meditation seat? What part of your practice is truly ancient and what is a more recent addition, and how does it all tie together? Join Tracy for an exploration of the new book by British scholar, Daniel Simpson, The Truth of Yoga – available in our bookstore or online. We will discuss one chapter each week – early yoga, classical yoga, hatha yoga and modern yoga. Tracy will present the reading in a one-hour lecture followed by time for Q&A and group discussion. Reading the chapter before class (optional) will help you feel more grounded in the material. Our goal is to develop a vision of what yoga is for us personally and to more deeply understand our roots in the Himalayan Tradition.
NOT INCLUDED in the All-Access Asana pass Fee: $65 (ID#: S26) —