Intro to Ayurveda (part 2): Ayurveda’s View of Prana and Agni with Julia Kress, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, AYS

Saturday, March 7, 4-7pm
Prana is the life force that enlivens and invigorates the body and mind. When felt consciously, the presence of prana awakens us. Its nourishing qualities are undeniable. Agni, the digestive fire in the body, governs digestion, assimilation, and elimination on all levels; physical and mental. When agni is healthy, we feel content, vibrant, and nourished by life. When it is out of balance, we doubt, fear, hold grudges, and feel an overall lack of energy. In this workshop, we’ll begin with the theory behind these two subtle forces of health. We’ll close with an asana practice designed to help you experience the forces of agni and prana in your own body and mind.
*This course qualifies for 3 hours of CE training with Yoga Alliance.
St/Sr discounts do not apply to CEU Trainings. Fee: $55 (ID#: E55) —

Journaling Collective with Rosa

Saturday, March 21, 1-3pm
Keeping a journal is a powerful way to understand the workings of your own mind and to formulate a systematic plan for your life goals. The Yoga Sutra emphasizes the importance of this kind of self-study with the niyama of "svadhyaya". Through the insight of our own written words, in response to various prompts offered by the instructor, we can begin to see, understand, and question our thinking and our way of being in the world. Writing in a group helps to further deepen insights. Bring a journal (journals are also available in our bookstore), and join us for an afternoon of writing and reflection. Tea will be provided. Fee: $10 (ID#: S19) —