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Three Wisdom Traditions (3WT) Wellness Coaching Certification:
In-Person Learning Lab Retreat

Kathryn Templeton and Sarah Guglielmi

November 22-24, 2019

at Himalayan Institute of Buffalo

Cost: $349


An affordable and accessible Wellness Coach Certification Program that Integrates the Sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Psychology – earn Yoga Alliance, NAMA and NASW CE credits.

Yoga therapeutics, ayurvedic medicine, and traditional clinical psychotherapy are three powerful healing traditions which can restore balance in life. Imagine applying all three synergistically to support the challenges in your life, or in the lives of clients and students! Designed for yoga, ayurveda, mental health, and allied health professionals, the Three Wisdom Traditions (3WT) Wellness Coach Certification Program will allow you to create and implement effective wellness treatment plans.

Learn how to support healthy physical, energetic, and mental-emotional functioning. Support recovery from maladaptive thinking and behavioral patterns. A “wraparound” at-home treatment plan will help you and your clients learn to develop self-regulation, resiliency, adaptability, and interpersonal support.

The 3 Wisdom Traditions (3WT) Wellness Coach Certification Program is designed to support your own self care, balanced lifestyle, and decrease burnout and secondary traumatization that healing professionals face. It will also allow you to design wrap around wellness coaching treatment plans to support your client’s self-evolution in between sessions.

To receive certification as a 3WT Wellness Coach, there are 3 Steps.
Step 1: Complete the 3WT Core Concepts, On-line, on Yoga International*
Step 2: Attend the 3WT In Person Learning Lab Retreat at HI Buffalo
Step 3: Complete the 3WT On-line Mentor Sessions on Yoga International

*Note: It is recommended, but not required, to complete the On-Line Core Concepts before attending the 3WT In Person Learning Lab Retreat.

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Learn more about the 3 Steps Below:
Step 1: Complete the 3WT Core Concepts, ON-LINE, from Yoga International for 11.5 CEUs. The cost for this portion is $249. Receive a $100 Discount Code when you register for Step 2 – 3WT In Person Learning Lab at HI Buffalo. (Code will be sent to you upon registration.)

• Explore how yoga is a bridge to ayurveda and learn about the concept of agni (internal heat or fire) and how it affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally.
• See how ayurveda can work conceptually and pragmatically with psychological tools offered in the areas of self-regulation, adaptability, and resiliency.
• Explore the roots of Western and Eastern psychology and how they relate to each other and the modern world.
• Learn more about how we experience trauma, and why people respond differently to the same traumatic event.
• Gain an understanding of psychological, yogic, and ayurvedic terms to help you better get to know each discipline and how they relate to each other.

Step 2: Attend the 3WT In Person Learning Lab Retreat at Hi Buffalo for 15 CEUs. Cost for this Portion is $349. Click here to register.
The In-Person Learning Lab at HI Buffalo introduces techniques from each of the Three Wisdom Traditions and provides opportunities for application.

• Explore combining techniques into a supportive blueprint for your own self-evolution, and practice with clinical adaptations of the 3WT system.
• Examine case studies to develop at-home support plans that include yoga practices, ayurvedic lifestyle changes, and psychological approaches to positive thinking, healthy attachment, and self-regulation.

3WT In Person Learning Lab Schedule:
6-8:30 pm Friday
9:00 am-4:30 pm Saturday (1 hour lunch break)
9:00-3 pm Sunday (1 hour lunch break)

Step 3: Complete the 3WT On-line Mentor Sessions on Yoga International. Cost for this portion is $108.

Listen to case studies from 3WT Wellness Coaches, presenting cases for discussion, and receiving mentorship from Kathryn Templeton.

You may complete the steps at your own pace. Steps 1 and 2 can also be taken as stand alone courses.