Yoga Classes

We offer various levels of Hatha Yoga classes. Each class provides effective training in stress management and holistic living skills as well as asana. Having trouble registering? See our tutorials.

Yoga 1 - SherryMon5-6:30pmNov 3-Dec 22$80
Yoga 1 - CarolWed9:30-11amNov 5-Dec 17$70
Yoga 1 - CandaceWed5-6:30pmNov 5-Dec 17$70
Yoga 1* - SapnaThu9:30-11amNov 6-Dec 18$60
Yoga 2 - WendyTue9:30-11amNov 4-Dec 23$80FULL - Already registered?
Yoga 2 - LarryTue5-6:30pmNov 4-Dec 23$80
Yoga 2 - JackieWed5-6:30pmNov 5-Dec 17$70
Yoga 2 - TessWed7-8:30pmNov 5-Dec 17$70
Yoga 2* - ReneeThu5-6:30pmNov 6-Dec 18$60
Yoga 3 - KerryMon5:30-7:00pmNov 3-Dec 22$80
Yoga 3 - CathyMon7-8:30pmNov 3-Dec 22$80
Yoga 3 - AnneTue9:30-11amNov 4-Dec 23$80FULL - Already registered?
Yoga 3 - WendyWed9:30-11amNov 5-Dec 17$70FULL - Already registered?
Yoga 3* - TracyThu9:30-11amNov 6-Dec 18$60FULL - Already registered?
Exploring the Sun Salutation - StephanieSat11-12pmNov 22-Dec 20$40
Gentle Yoga - TessMon9:30-10:30amNov 3-Dec 8$60
Gentle Yoga* - LauraThu5:30-6:30pmNov 6-Dec 18$60FULL - Already registered?
Power Up! Yoga for Core Strength - SarahWed5:30-6:45pmNov 5-Dec 17$70
Restorative Yoga - JuliaTue9:30-10:45amNov 4-Dec 23$80
Tension Relief for Neck & Shoulders - StephanieTue5:30-6:30pmNov 4-Dec 16$70
Yoga for Bone Health - Part 2 - KandySat9:30-11amNov 1-Nov 22$40FINISHED

Want to know more about how our levels work? Read the Class Descriptions

Want to find descriptions of our Specilaty Classes? Check the Seminar Page

* No Classes on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 27

CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS Wed, Dec 24th – Sun, Jan 4

Drop-In Classes (no registration required)

Level Day Time When Cost
Beginning Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm On-going $5
Intermediate Saturdays 9:30-11am On-going $10

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