Beginning Meditation with Larry

Tuesdays, July 9-30, 6-7:30pm
(4 weeks) Meditation, a method for acquiring a clear and tranquil mind, is the heart of yoga practice. In this course, you will learn the basics: a comfortable sitting posture, diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation methods, and essential concentration techniques used in the yoga tradition. Discover a new level of peace within yourself. 4wks Fee: $48 (ID#: S57) —


Mindfulness Tools for K-12 Educators: Going Deeper into Mindfulness with Rosa

Monday, August 5, 3:30-5:30pm
Is mindfulness for me or for my students? Many teachers are exploring the realities of this seemingly paradoxical question. In fact, the answer is both. It is difficult to teach what you don’t know or understand. Albert Einstein said “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” Explore what mindfulness is, the benefits, the misconceptions, how you may want to use it in your life and in your classroom. And hopefully, after this workshop, you will be able to explain it to your grandmother, your administrator, and to your significant other. Fee: $15 (ID#: S65) —

Year Long Meditation (and Beyond): Be a Powerful Force for Change with Ishan Tigunait

Thursday, August 8, 7-8:30pm
In a world full of unrest, fear, and negativity, we need a way to find equilibrium and reconnect with our inner peace, with those around us, and with humanity as a whole. Year Long Meditation, a global group practice undertaken in 2019-2020 to heal and empower collective consciousness, answers this urgent call. In this satsanga, led by Ishan Tigunait of Himalayan Institute Honesdale, learn about how our collective efforts can restore balance in today’s world and how you can participate from wherever you are. Join us, and learn how your contribution to a combined goal of 1,000,008 hours of meditation will have a powerful ripple effect that reaches far beyond those around you. Satsang is free and open to the public. Pre-registration required. Fee: $0 (ID#: S66) —

Personal Practice: The Secret of Transforming the World Within & Without

with Ishan Tigunait & Shiva Tigunait

Friday, August 9th from 7-9pm;
Saturday, August 10th from 9:30am-12:30pm;

Can you imagine a world without fear, stress, anger, anxiety, and negativity? The yoga tradition says that the key is in our own hands. We are all equipped with the ability to reshape our habits and attitudes to live with more clarity and joy, and to reinvest these qualities in the larger world we in which we live. Yoga gives the tools, and our self-effort is the means. This is how our personal practice helps us heal and transform ourselves on every level—and be a force of positive change.
In this experiential mini-seminar, led by Ishan Tigunait and Shiva- Tigunait of Himalayan Institute Honesdale, learn time-tested techniques for positive self-change. You will learn how collective consciousness is reshaped by group practice, and how your individual practice fits in. Ishan and Shiva- will teach specific techniques of yogic breathing, meditation, and contemplation that you can integrate into your life—along with the practical philosophy behind these techniques. Guided pranayama and meditation will give you precise tools to implement in your daily practice. Don’t currently have a meditation practice? You will learn the basics of designing a practice that works for you, and how you can participate in a special group practice called Year Long Meditation.
Please join us for a vegetarian potluck immediately following Saturday’s program. Refreshments, rice and veggies provided. Salads and deserts welcomed. Stay and meet the Tigunait’s!
If you are unable to attend both days, you are welcome to attend a single session. See below:
Fee: $70 (ID#: PP-A) --

Personal Practice: Part 1 Only with Ishan Tigunait & Shiva Tigunait

Friday, August 9, 7-9pm
Fee: $30 (ID#: PP-B) —

Personal Practice: Part 2 Only with Ishan Tigunait & Shiva Tigunait

Saturday, August 10, 9:30am-12:30pm
Fee: $45 (ID#: PP-C) —

Meditation Monday: Group Practice with Donna

Monday, August 12, 7-8pm
Group meditation helps to expand collective consciousness while also strengthening an individual’s practice through the supportive energy of the group. Our evening will include light stretches, guided relaxation, and meditation. Pre-registration requested. Donation Based: $10 suggested donation. Fee: $0 (ID#: S68) —